Do you know Visual kei of the music genre?


X established Visual kei of the music genre

Visual Kei is one of  the music genres and originates in Japan. It began when X debuted on the music scene in the 80s .  X is a heavy metal and hard rock band in Japan. They have attracted the attention of teenagers, because of unique fashions like feminine and Kabuki shows. Moreover, their performance styles are also so furious and crazy in addition young people were impressed by X. They did not only played music, but also established a new style that fascinates themselves. For instance, YOSHIKI is the most popular member of X. He is the reader and charge of drums and piano. Generally, the best famous one is vocalist or guitarist. However, they changed the habit of the music scene because drums became the most famous member. Furthermore, they appeared on many TV shows even national music programs. Finally, X was accepted by Japanese society.

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Visual kei emerged as Japanese music scene in the 90s.

Many music bands imitated performances like X that created makeup feminine and put on dresses with laces. After that, they are named Visual kei and made a new music genre in Japan. Visual kei was a famous japanese music scene in the 90s such as GLAY, L’Arc~en~ciel, LUNA SEA etc. They stopped wearing feminine makeup, on the other hands the newcomers kept wearing those fashion. Many music bands debuted at that time such as SHAZNA, MALICE MIZER and Dir en grey etc. For instance, SHAZNA was influenced by Boy George in the 80s. IZAM of the vocal had feminine makeup and girly fashion. Many people were shocked him because of more cute than girls. MALICE MIZER had the Western Gothic style and their music were also included the classic music. The enthusiastic fans imitated their fashion and establishes the Gothic Lolita fashion.

Versailles is the famous in France.

Visual kei is spread all over the worlds in the 2000s.

Visual kei became hot topics in part of Europe. Their styles are similar to characters of Japanese animation or Manga same as the music is often used as the theme songs for Japanese animation programs. European people heard it and interested in their music and performances. Dir en grey is one of success cases to expand over seas. Kyo is the great vocalist of Dir en grey that has powerful expression and the width range of his voice. Moreover, other members are also good players for their music instruments. They have a lot of funs and hold on concerts all over the worlds.

Dir en grey is often hold on concerts all over the world.

There are many types of Visual kei.

Currently, Visual kei has a lot of types. For example, the royal road of visual kei is called Kote kei, refers to Dir en grey, Versailles and Kiryu compare with the groups with less makeup is called soft visual kei, such as GLAY, SID and Janne Da Arc. Osare kei has the fashionable styles with colorful and cute like Japanese pop culture. There are a lot of various genres.

You would be perfect your knowledge about Visuai kei after you read this magazine.

My favorite band is Kiryu.

Visual kei is the music genre with graceful figure.

Visual kei not only play music but also has graceful figure. however, The current music scene tends to evaluate down on musicians with important looks more. As a result, Visual kei has declined the music market. However, they played the exiting music and unique performance. I am keen on their music since I was a junior high school students. I’m listening to Visual kei still yet. I hope to spread their music and rise the value. Just try to listen it when you have a time.

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